Pacific Marketing Group

Moments of Truth

Occur at Any Moment. Across Many Touch-Points.

Start here When prospective customers have an opportunity to form an opinion, it's a Moment of Truth. Your brand's many touch-points provide opportunity to shape opinion – to influence each moment. Turn moments into momentum.

About Pacific Marketing Group

Every brand has a voice: a galaxy of touch-points. We make these Moments of Truth fluent. By integrating your company's marketing communication touch-points, we maximize their individual impact and reach. When your brand connects with customers on multiple levels it builds better experiences — and business performance.

Pacific Marketing Group has an extensive history supporting technology-based clients, curating B2B ideologies for decades. By helping clients build brand values — across key points of engagement — we build brand momentum. And that creates movement.

To build brand momentum we fuse:


Pacific Marketing Group helps generate awareness, brand opinion and purchase intent to help control Moments of Truth through interplay of medium, message and moment. It’s an operating environment we’ve embraced for decades.

We craft meaning and create interaction across brand touch-points, using the most relevant situational channels. Disciplines include:
• Advertising Programs
• Content Creation
• Interactive Experiences
• Print and Show Materials
• Media Planning and Buying
• Videos and Presentations